Landon Darling Schneider

I’ve always been a foodie.  Home cooked, restaurant served or even visually feasted via the Food Network channel – deliciousness is my thing.  In life it is my personal mission to find the most decadent, local restaurants and foods.

The love of my life and I tied the knot on September 18, 2010.  I moved to Houston to start our lives together and soon after got the great news that we were being relocated to the Louisiana Bayou.

Being a bit of a social and workforce go-getter, I found myself in a pickle (Kosher Dill).  Since I had just moved to the lovely, humid city of Houston – I found myself unemployed and waiting for our Cajun Country adventure.

What have I been doing with myself?  With all of this time, great Williams Sonoma wedding gifts and a stockpile of mouth-watering cookbooks…I’m cookin’.  Anything and everything.  Every day.  And now that we’re official Louisiana residents, I’m experimenting with all kinds of crazy Cajun foods and even crazier house projects.

So let me share with you some must-haves for your own kitchen and suggest some easy ways to spruce up your home (in between meals, of course).  After all, the best recipe, restaurant and DIY recommendations come from a friend who has ACTUALLY tried them.  No fear, I’ll be the guinea pig.

So here’s to it.  Poor a glass of your favorite wine and dine with me…

Zach and Landon 1st Dance

First dance with the love of my life...

5 responses to “Landon Darling Schneider

  1. Landon,
    Love this! Your mom sent me the link. I am the calligrapher who created the special pages for the cookbook she made for you. It was so wonderful to be a part of such a lovely gift. It just made me smile thinking about all the recipes she saved to fill the pages of your book. I’m not much of a cook but I may be tempted to try some of these! The pics look great and your writing is very personal and fun. I will certainly pass it on to friends who are foodies!

    All the best!
    Debi Sementelli

    • Aw!! Thank you! :) Your calligraphy really makes the cookbook special. Thanks for everything you did for us on the cookbook and wedding – you are SO talented! Thanks for sharing my blog with your foodie friends!

      All the best to you too!

  2. Landon! I just heard (from Tera) that you moved to Louisiana!!! Aw….so happy for you. I hope that my fellow Lewzianians treat you right! I love your blog…the crab cakes look amazing! I sure do miss your smiling face around Slingshot….but it looks like you are happy and well…..and that brings a smile to MY face!!

    • Hi Donna! Great to hear from you…how are my Slingshotters?! Miss y’all. I’ll tell you what – I love me some Texans, but these Lewzianians are over-the-top friendly. Zach and I are just having a blast here. Hugs to you and hi to everyone at Slingshot!

  3. Got your site info from your Mom. I think your site looks great! It sounds like things are wonderful in your new home.

    Take care.
    Bob McNutt

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