Beth’s Fresh Spring Rolls

Need a healthy meal option after binge-eating turkey, mashed taters and pumpkin pie?  This one will satisfy!  My aunt Beth (aka. Beffers) and I have been buddies since I was a little tike – and booooooy can she cook.  She shared this recipe with me and it’s a total keeper.

I have to admit; the first time I made these they were a bit of a bomb-out.  Lesson learned:  you have to make them fresh and eat them right away.  There’s none of that “make ahead of time and refrigerate” business.  Also, don’t over-wet the paper towel…you’ll see.

Also, another shredded chicken recipe.  Everyone has a version!  This time I cheated again and used a rotisserie chicken from the store – shredded.  I’ve used Beth’s chicken recipe before and it’s good!  Suit yourself.

Can’t wait for you to try this fresh goodness!

Shredded Chicken Ingredients:
Bag of Frozen Chicken Breasts
Garlic Paste
Garlic Salt
Bottle of Herdez Salsa Verde

  1. In baking dish, rub garlic paste on frozen chicken breasts and sprinkle with garlic salt.
  2. Pour entire bottle of Herdez Salsa Verde over chicken.
  3. Cover baking dish with foil and bake in oven at 350 degrees for 2 hours.

Spring Roll Ingredients:
Shredded Chicken
Rice Paper Wraps (found in international isle of grocery store)
Broccoli/slaw mix
Avocado slices
Chopped peanuts
Rice noodles (Optional.  I didn’t use.)
Bangkok Padang Peanut Sauce (by House of Tsang) – This used as dipping sauce REALLY makes it.  YUM!  And isn’t too many calories.

Asian Food

Spring Roll Ingredients

  1. Microwave water in round pie dish (Hot enough to soften the rice paper, but not burn your hands!!)
  2. Lay out a damp paper towel for assembling (Drench paper towel in water and fully wring out.  Too moist of towel will make your rice paper soggy…)
  3. Make assembly line of ingredients – (Shredded chicken, broccoli/slaw mix, cilantro, avocado slices, chopped peanuts, etc)
  4. Moisten rice disk in warm water until pliable and lay on damp paper towel
  5. In the middle, place all above ingredients
  6. Close up both sides and then roll shut like a burrito
  7. Place finished roll on another damp paper towel until you’re ready to eat (They don’t keep too long – eat within the next half hour.  After a few hours the rice paper dries up and gets rubbery.)
  8. Dip in Bangkok Padang Peanut Sauce.  I sometimes mix that with a little soy—it is very low cal too.
Asian Spring Roll

Spring Roll Ingredients on Rice Paper - Ready to wrap up!

Spring Rolls Served

Spring Rolls & Peanut Sauce - Ready to eat!

Spring Roll Bite

GREAT bite!!

Zach-o-meter: Zach had a heck-of-a fun time making these.  I made an assembly line of ingredients for a build-your-own style dinner and it was a total hit.  He had a blast and was VERY impressed with how fresh and light this dinner is.

Be creative with this one.  It would also be FAB with shrimp and mango!

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