Dynamite Deviled Eggs

Tip for these:  either make them right before people come over or HIDE THEM!  I had to guard the fridge to keep Zach from devouring these puppies before dinner!!  They are simple and yummy.  Make more than you think you need because they’re so easy to pop in your mouth that they disappear quickly…

Deviled Egg Ingredients:
More eggs than you think you need hardboiled, cooled and peeled
Country Dijon Mustard
Mrs. Dash Table Blend Spice

  1. Half the eggs lengthwise and empty yolks into mixing bowl
  2. Mix all of the yolks with mayo (LOTS -Well they don’t call ‘em ‘Deviled’ for nothin’!), mustard and Mrs. Dash
  3. Add more mayo until mix is shiny and not dry
  4. After mix tastes to your liking, scoop yolk mixture into hard boiled egg whites

For some reason this simple mixture has seriously delicious flavor…


Deviled Eggs

Zach-o-meter: Well, I already mentioned that we almost got in a legit “tiff” about him eating these before our guests got here!  He also dominated all the leftovers…Love you, Z!!

Deviled Eggs

Sunday Football Snack

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