Encyclopedia of Gastronomic Bliss

My love for food has been a part of me since day one, but this cooking craze I’m on is 100% because of the coolest, most thoughtful wedding gift ever.  My mom (aka. my twin) has been taking pictures of her dinners and collecting recipes for me since I was a youngster (unbeknownst to me).  At a shower before the wedding my sweet mom presented me with a compilation of her recipes along with favorites from our family members (which is overwhelmingly large & awesome) and our family friends.  Each recipe has a note from the person who gave it to me along with a picture.  This masterpiece of a cookbook is called, Dine with a Darling.

Bottom line:  my mom rocks.  And so do these recipes…oh, honey.  I’m a healthy eater, but I’m quickly learning that butter and cream make everything taste better.  In summary, this blog is dedicated to my mother, Pris, for her thoughtfulness in creating this cookbook and for letting me help out in the kitchen as a kiddo and my grandmother, Granny Pris, for passing down her culinary skills.

Zach is pumped – by the way.  He is in gastronomic bliss and has been back for seconds almost every night.  In future posts recipe success will be rated by how many times Zach went back for more…so keep an eye out and get your spatulas ready!

Shower Gift

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